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Welcome to the New Capital City! An island paradise planned and designed by our great and glorious leader! A currently empty city devoid of any citizens (because no one can afford it) and with a marvelous statue of the glorious leader himself....

Go break it!

You play as Jackson the Chameleo! His lovely islands have been ruined! You need to destroy a certain percentage of the city in order to destroy the shields protecting that eyesore of a statue, go nuts and wreck the city with a variety of attacks

TLDR You are a Kaiju! go wreck the city!

Can be played with Keyboard or Gamepad

Controls :


Arrows to move character

- Space bar to use Combo Attack (Can perform up to 3 different moves if pressed subsequently)

Q to use Laser beam

- W to use Rolling


- Left joystick to move character

Left front face button to use Combo Attack (Can perform up to 3 different moves if pressed subsequently)

- Right front face button to use Laser beam

- Top front face button to use Rolling

Team :

- Dom - Noise Maker

- Dinokaiser - Kaiju's favourite

- RML - Glorious leader's secretary

- Alexandre - City travel agent

- Tiezzi - Tourism agent

Used Assets :

- Sounds : UI Pressed/Hovered sounds/Water splash/Hit Building/Hit Barrier - From Pro Sound Collection

- Everything else was custom made by the team :)

Made for 32 bit Jam 2022

Made with Unreal Engine 5


Kaiju Krusher.rar 226 MB

Install instructions

Download, double click on Exe, and Destr"enjoy" !

Development log


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